Thursday, 6 June 2013

Artists statement

Aine Divine- Artists Statement

I love to paint from life, whether I’m painting a landscape, a person or a bunch of flowers. I like to pay really close attention to what I’m painting and to follow my instincts when I make the marks. I mean, to not put everything down, but to choose what’s important and -without thinking about it- paint it down and go on to the next move. Keeping active.

I have always been interested in painting and drawing people, there is so much to examine in a particular face and head.

No matter what I’m painting though, it’s the light that’s interesting. Oil paint is just right for describing light, whether it’s falling on an eyelid or a petal.

At the moment I am working on a series of still life oil paintings. I set these up in the kitchen because I love the cerulean blue colour of the wall and the constant natural light there through the day. I want the colours to be as vibrant as they are in real life and the painted marks to have clarity and a life of their own.





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