Thursday, 28 February 2013

Pre Selection

We’re pleased to inform you that one or more of your work (s) have been pre-selected to go through to the next stage of selection for this year’s exhibition. "
Just saw this message yesterday, so, through to the next round of The Royal Society of Portrait Painters Annual exhibition at The Mall Galleries in London, with this portrait of Alasdair

And this portrait is through to the next stage of selection for the new exhibition 'Self, Open Exhibition 2013' also at the Mall Galleries in London
Here's hoping they get on the wall!


  1. The more I find other folks who have been pre-selected the more depressed I get about my chances. Oh well, it is a learning curve . . . and now I'm beginning to worry as I didn't get an email. Best of luck!

  2. Sorry Jane, I'm afraid I made a mistake with this blog, I didn't get an email, I had to log in to the Royal Society of Portrait Painters, and go to 'notification of pre selection', where there is a message. I put 2 in for each exhibition, and got one pre selected for each. (note to self, don't write a blog after midnight) Good luck!

  3. Ah, thanks for replying! I'll now try and forget the whole thing for the next few weeks - I so hate waiting for results . . .